3 small communities

Elkhorn Slough 9-8-08

What’s my story? I was raised about 30 miles to the north, in a university town, amid espresso cafes, surfers, and a burgeoning tourist industry. Just managing to escape the wrecking ball of the 2008 economic bust by the skin of my teeth (but—with finances intact, happily), I moved to the small community of about 4000 people, Elkhorn, CA. When I’m not at work in Monterey, I spend most of my time in Elkhorn or one of two of its neighboring communities, Castroville and Moss Landing.

Castroville welcome

I have some history here: my father worked in the agricultural fields of the Salinas Valley during the Great Depression era. My mother worked in a cannery in Santa Cruz that processed vegetables from those fields. We had friends in the area, and often drove by Castroville and Moss Landing; me looking out at the fields from the back seat of the family Corvair.

Moss Landing Harbor1

As a child, these places were just dots on the map. Elkhorn didn’t even exist, as far as I was concerned. The twin towers of the then PG&E power plant dwarfed Moss Landing Harbor. Castroville seemed like a way-station for migrant workers. Now that I’m a resident, I have a different perspective: these communities are crucial to my daily life, and they are vibrant and ever-changing.

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