Grey Morning in Moss Landing

The catch

This morning, I went for my walk at Moss Landing Beach. Across from the Marine Labs, at the harbor, the seagulls and pelicans were raising a ruckus. The catch was being off-loaded into big boxes and packed in ice. Occasionally one of the workers would grab a hunk of something, and toss it up to the top of the refrigerator car, causing a noisy squabble.

Although a 2001 report by Richard Bard in National Fisherman reports that Moss Landing commercial fishing, with its population then at 362, hauled in about $1 million worth of salmon, $930,000 in sardines, and $680,000 in albacore, a more recent community profile report by the NOAA points out that the commercial fishing industry in Moss Landing harbor is in fairly steep decline. Lori French notes in her blog that California fishing communities are struggling right now, just to exist. This doesn’t seem to stop the tourists and locals from getting their seafood at Phil’s Fish Market. Even on a Sunday morning, the parking lot was already filling up.

cats Xing moss landing

The residential area across from the loading area is clearly a cat reserve. Careful not to hit any felines, I parked my car to take some photos (wary of possible “accidents” raining down from the winged ones above), then went down to the beach.

Rebecca and Colleen w/horses

We’ve been expecting a heat wave, but instead, the morning was grey and cool, although beginning to lighten up. I ran into Rebecca and Colleen, exercising three beautiful horses on the beach.

Colleen and Rebecca w/horses

Rebecca was seated on a young horse (the dark brown) who was maybe just a tiny bit skittish. She said it was his first time on a beach.

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