Rural and Connected

Elkhorn Slough - rancher's gate

I’ve been thinking about the fact that living in a somewhat rural/coastal area isn’t always about farms, orchards, ponies, crab season, and the local superette. I mean, those things exist here, and make it pleasant; but, while I have to drive a few miles extra to get to the supermarket, I’m mostly connected to the rest of the world (I don’t have cable TV, but I do have WAN). Philip Glass did a gig in Big Sur last year at the Henry Miller Library; there was a TED Conference in Monterey not so long ago, and the son of Anne, one of the Promenade Antiques clerks, is a member of a hip band (Beirut) that played on Letterman, recently. The MBARI research facility located in “quaint” Moss Landing Village is for all intents and purposes a university-level research campus.

This is all to say that articles posted here won’t always be of the herbacious rural, small-town variety, because the line between rural and urban is not always so clear.

Still, the “distance” effect — even if only a few miles (7 mi. to the nearest supermarket), is an important one for me. It gives me a feeling of space, and quiet — except when I’ve got the ipod docked in my sound system, and cranked.

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