The Story Collector

Walking Gracie near the “back door” of Elkhorn Slough (Kirby Park), I encountered two women working on a bicycle with a strange contraption hooked up to it.
Brittney - Gracie - Maria
Brittney, my dog Gracie, and Maria.

Stopping to talk to them, I learned that the contraption is a traveling recording booth. Well, that accounts for the prominent ears sticking out of it! Maria Michaelson, the owner of the booth/cart is on a bicycle journey “onward” to collect stories from people she meets. She was delayed by the big storm and stayed in Santa Cruz for awhile, and met up with her friend Brittney in Elkhorn. Brittney works at Dorothy’s Place in Salinas. Maria is now on her way to Salinas to collect stories from the women’s shelter (Dorothy’s Place).

Brittney and Maria

Maria is keeping a blog record of her journey called “We Share the Same Stomach.”
This reminds me of my recent post, “Farmworkers, Gleaners, and the Stories They Tell.” I think it can be said that food and stories can both be nutritive—or not. In either case, it’s good to pay attention.

Maria also collected a story from me. Sounds familiar, eh? I’ve been reading a lot about people on the road, or the rails, lately. It just seems to be the theme of the month. Perhaps because I’ve named this blog “Local Nomad,” I’m now just drawn to nomadic types. Or maybe there are just more people wandering about. Maria has a purpose, though, which she says is a project of “interaction and empathy.” She’s spinning our tales with her wheels on the road. I wish her well on her journey!

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3 thoughts on “The Story Collector

  1. Maria

    Thanks! All went well. It was wonderful to meet you, and keep up the blog.

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