Our Stories

Brittney & Maria w/recording cart

To get back to my previous post about Maria Michaelson’s story collecting, here are some of the stories on audio for January 25. I’m the first voice you hear on the audio. By far, the most interesting stories (from the garden project and Dorothy’s place) follow mine! I also love that this clip ends with some lovely piano music. Hearing the stories strung one after another gives one a touching feeling of connection to so many different people.

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2 thoughts on “Our Stories

  1. Great stuff on Medellin! My name is Robin Finley and I am the director of Medellin’s English magazine called The Arepa. I am also the radio host of Colombia’s only all English radio show called “Prime Cuts with Robin and Jeff” (101.9 FM here in Colombia).

    When in Medellin check out the new magazine: http://www.thearepa.com/medellin-guide-culture-nightlife/read-februarymarch-issue-2010/

    And the radio show: http://www.thearepa.com/prime-cuts-radio/1332/

    And the complete collection of The Arepa: http://www.thearepa.com/category/medellin-magazine-issues-culture-nightlife/

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