happy lunar new year

Just heard from my dear friend, Sybl, who lives in Portland, and passed this new year story on to me, by Polo, in The Asian Reporter. Memories, memories, everywhere around here, and up and down these roads and highways. You can’t escape them (and I wouldn’t want to). Interesting how similar some Indonesian words are to Tagalog. For example, selamat/salamat, and the spanish “demonio.”

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One thought on “happy lunar new year

  1. Some writers (I’m thinking of Tim Powers, for instance) might use that highway circling ritual as a basis for a novel about modern sorcerers. Others may read that our narrator was not the only one going through those motions and dream that all those negative stresses evaporate and condense into that stretch of highway with wonderous or macabre results… like seeing the ghosts of departed family..?

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