health care costs stifling rural independence

This article by Natasha Chart is almost a year old, but still applicable, to say the least.

Excerpt: “The short of it is that rural economies are getting an even nastier end of the stick to hold. The farming community, which needs to start attracting young entrepreneurs again and whose help we’ll need in order to put the brakes on climate change, is simply being crushed.

So it’s no wonder that Karl Rove is writing that opposing a public option needs to be the main priority of the Republican party. He probably knows what a pain point this is for his party’s last reliable voting bloc outside the South. If Democrats succeed in lightening these burdens, they may also find that voters they’d previously written off will take another look at them.

A Democratic Party that’s serious about ending the Republican lock on rural votes will get serious about the healthcare crisis and they will pass reform that includes, at the least, a public plan with proper cost controls and low-income premium supports.”

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