walking point lobos with dida kutz


Walks with my friend Dida Kutz always involve the ocean. Dida manages Blue Planet Divers.org; she is an experienced research diver, editor of the Point Lobos Magazine, and a member of the Explorer’s club (in fact, she has just been granted permission to dive in the Philippine Coral Reef Exhibit of the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco for her birthday!), so I always learn a lot when walking with her, and I benefit from her endless curiosity and passion for the natural world.

Happy Birthday Dida!


This piece of kelp is photographed as it was found on a rock. It reminds me of a wishbone.


The various coves on the south end of Point Lobos are each comprised of different types of sand. This particular beach had black, pebbly sand.


Dida picked up this piece of kelp, which looked like an alien rose.

Dida Kutz at Point Lobos

Seen from a distance, Dida walking around the tidepools at Point Lobos.

Oh, and did I mention that she is also an excellent underwater photographer? Here is her photo of a Coralline Sculpin, which she took recently on a dive.

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6 thoughts on “walking point lobos with dida kutz

  1. aw shucks Jean! This is a nice birthday gift!

  2. Nice B-Day present for Dida, Jean……I’m too far away to give her one today, but I’ll give her a B-Day later. She’s one special and talented lady, isn’t she? 🙂

    Mike Bear
    San Diego, CA

  3. Carla

    Happy Birthday Sister! glad you’ll be in your element for your birthday.

  4. Your photos are amazing Jean. Really love them!

  5. Dida, Happy Birthday! The “Wishbone” is great! Also the colors are wonderful.

    I will be gone a couple of days, getting a tooth pulled! I broke one! My keyboard is working as of this morning! Was out 3 days, what can I say!

    I must send you the info that I gathered many months ago about seagulls and whales, long before I met you.


    Carol Koceja

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