Taco Truck Chronicles: Deliciosos Tacos

Recently I posted briefly about purple sweet potatoes and local lumpia trucks. My favorite (so far) local taco truck is Deliciosos Tacos (I keep wanting to say it the other way around — Tacos Deliciosos). You can usually find it in a “parking lot” at lunch time, parked off Del Monte Ave. in Marina a few yards from the entry to the Monterey Landfill Disposal Site, or in the late afternoon on Merritt Ave. in Castroville. Look for the green 4-leaf clovers decorating the back of the truck. Here is my 3-taco plate of carnitas and pollo. I know — there are 4 tacos here; they always give me one extra. I’ve lost my receipt, but the cost was around $3.50.

Deliciosos Tacos 2

Deliciosos Tacos is patronized by local residents, business folk, and farmworkers. Some people are obsessed with taco trucks. One guy, Jonathan Gold, has visited over 3,000 of them. Joshua Lurie-Terrell has created a website dedicated to mapping locations of the best taco trucks, Yum Taco. In Columbus, Ohio we have the Taco Bell Challenge (vs. Nazo Tacos). Everything you’d want to know about California taco trucks can be found HERE. They might be better called “loncheras,” or lunch trucks, because they usually offer more than just tacos. Thanks to Dida Kutz of Blue Planet Divers for pointing me to her fave lonchera.

Next up in my Taco Truck Chronicles: “In Search of the Filipino Taco — Hwy. 1 Express.”

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2 thoughts on “Taco Truck Chronicles: Deliciosos Tacos

  1. Now I’m hungry.

  2. JV

    Good — and now you know where the truck is located!

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