mongolia: Going Slowly’s tribute to analog cars

One of the things I love about Going Slowly’s rough-riding Mongolia trip is how Tyler and Tara can combine a photo/text narrative about the “exploratory surgery” of one of the Mongol rally cars with photos and discussion of their improvisatory, on-the-go cuisine. I’m also realizing that–as a Toyota Prius driver myself–Tyler’s loving detail of working on the Mongol rally cars constitute a kind of tribute and perhaps farewell to the analog car, as we give way to electronics. It also occurs to me that places like Cuba and Mongolia, more or less off the grid — while not doing much to contribute to air quality — are the last holdouts of analog vehicles, and a certain hands-on way of approaching life. Here’s an article by Babbage, “Mourning the Analog Car,” in the Economist.

So I’m thinking: if you drive a high gas mileage analog car–think twice before ditching it for an expensive electronic car. My Prius drives wonderfully, and I love it — but it requires a mechanic certified to work on the specialized circuitry, and it’s hella expensive!

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