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Some local history websites:

I feel like a contradiction sometimes. Because I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at documents of a past era, lately, you’d think I would identify closely with that period. Actually, though, my mindset it pretty much in the present, but always sort of leaning toward the future. I find that a lot of my contemporaries have a difficult time adjusting to the current technological changes, especially as they manifest on the internet. And for that reason, I always feel slightly out of step with them; I’m just as curious about the future as I am the past; I love print media, and I have some nostalgia for the bad old industrial age; yet I feel pretty much at home on the web, and in the ever-changing social networking cosmos.

Nevertheless, I do look at the “past.” And here are some local history websites you might find interesting, if you’re into that sort of thing (as I am):

The Agricultural History Project (Watsonville). This is new to me; I’m very interested in checking this site (bricks & mortar!) out.

Watsonville Public Library. A great library and public resource for this area.

Pajaro Valley Historical Association

History of Castroville & Prunedale
Honestly, I’m sure there’s much more history to these areas than what’s recounted here, and look forward to the day when it appears online.

Here you go — from the Friends of the Andy Ausonio Library — all about Castroville.

Monterey County Historical Society. I just spent a couple afternoons with these delightful and dedicated folks, communing with their cats, gingerly (wearing the white gloves) going through old newspapers in their vault, and looking through some print materials in their tiny office. Thanks, Mona, Barbara, and James! Check out their local history pages.

Salinas Public Library, Local History.

And Sandy Lydon — the teacher who introduced me to Asian American History at Cabrillo College. A fund of Asian American history in the Monterey Bay Area.

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