Mystery “Food”

After purchasing and eating a Chanterelle (only one–they are expensive!) and some Hedgehog mushrooms from the local foodie favorite Shopper’s Corner recently (and man, they tasted good!) Michael brought me a mushroom from the field to identify; it was growing under an oak tree. I made a spore print; the spores are white. What do you think it is?

It was picked a couple days ago, so the mushroom is getting slightly wrinkly. Although the cap is crusted with dirt, it’s buff color with a slight metallic sheen. The white stem when broken was slightly fibrous, and there was no volva (a white membrane cupping the bottom of the stem). There was a slight, partial veil on the upper part of the stem. Based on all these aspects (except for the lack of volva), I think it’s a type of Amanita — most likely a Death Cap, or possibly a Destroying Angel. The names are appropriate: one mushroom can kill you; they are deadly poisonous. I could be wrong about the identification, though. What do you think?

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