Endangered Home Cooking

I love this article, “Bourdain vs. Beard: what about home cooks?” by Michael Bauer. Damn right. I don’t know about you, but “home-cooking” is often my standard for what good food is all about. Which, by the way, gives me another excuse to post a photo of Michael’s excellent home-cooked spicy whole wheat muffins:

…and my excellent home cooked “fast” pizza:

Take THAT, you Bourdains and Beards! And do read Michael Bauer’s article. Here’s an excerpt, and a link:

Excerpt: “For those who closely follow the food world, there’s been quite a lot going on in the blogosphere after Anthony Bourdain in his own words “pissed” on the James Beard Awards. Lots of back and forth including a piece by Kat Kinsman on Eatocracy defending Beard and others dumping on this New York organization that gives media, chef and cookbook awards. That didn’t bother me; there’s room for both detractors and supporters, but one paragraph in Bourdain’s diatribe actually made me sad:

“Coming from a profession whose vast majority spend their hours and days writing about ‘kicky new muffin recipes’ , ‘Pie: The Next Big Thing’ or attending launches for bottled water, restaurant openings, and anywhere they can fill their plastic lined pockets with free food and swag -– the whole notion of someone -– anyone –- ‘cheapening’ the business sounds like a bunch of old hookers complaining about the new girl who kisses on the lips.”

It’s not the line about free food that bothers me; I’ve heard that so often that it feels like a faulty CD. What bothers me is the cavalier swipe at those who write about cooking, dismissing those muffin recipes and by implication hundreds of home cooks, or those who write for home cooks.” Continue reading HERE.

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