Castroville’s 52nd Annual Artichoke Festival

My article on the 52nd Annual Artichoke Festival in Castroville is now up on the Watsonville Patch. What with all the excitement about the artichoke festival, and had to stop by Pezzini’s produce stand near Hwy. 1 (at Nashua), where I picked up some Green Globe artichokes. The Pezzini farm grows artichokes, and the farmstand is surrounded by the beautiful thistle. After interviewing the folks who put on the Artichoke Festival, and sampling some killer chokes Sicilian style and fire-roasted, and even an artichoke cupcake, it was nice to have something simple:

Traditional style artichoke, steamed, and served with butter or mayo. Artichoke and photo by Michael Fink.

I really liked Pat Hopper’s artichoke Kachina doll, which was a gift from one D.R. Gatlin, and represents the spirit of the artichoke. In my Watsonville Patch article, I included a photo of it with the headdress off. Here, it appears with its thistle headdress on:

Hopper, who is the Manager of the Artichoke Advisory Board of California, and a font of historical information, says that as long as the kachina is around, she figures all will go well with the Festival.

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