Kitchen Kwento

The author of Kitchen Kwento says this: Kwentos (stories) are the lifeblood of community. Stretching from the kitchen to the street, they are a deep part of the survival, transformation and sustenance of food traditions.

I was born in the deserts of Washington, and raised in California and Hawai’i by my immigrant parents from the Philippines. Growing up, I ate everything from fried Spam, bibimbap, poi, spaghetti, chicken tenders, to Pop Tarts…but few of the foods my ancestors ate.

This growing hunger for both a sense of place and connection to traditional foods opened the door to something more – questions of how and what we eat are connected – or disconnected – to the places, the environment, and the people we call home.

Check out this lovely blog.

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One thought on “Kitchen Kwento

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I love what you’re writing about and the important storytelling you are doing.

    – Aileen

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