Elkhorn Gardens

I’ve been pretty busy lately, and just now catching up on my blogging at Local Nomad. First off, some photos from a recent house concert at Elkhorn Gardens in Royal Oaks. Colleen and Jim Goff gave me a tour of their beautiful gardens where they cultivate world-class dahlias, daylilies and many other flowers. I was impressed by the amount of work they put into the place, especially considering that Colleen suffered from a back injury some years ago, from which she has recovered with help from alternative healing. They are often busy clearing brush, including poison oak, creating trails, planting, and designing new gardens.

Both Colleen and Jim are musicians, so the Gardens seemed like a great place to put up a stage and invite their friends to play. This has gradually evolved into a small concert venue, and they now hold concerts every Sunday during the summer, charging $10 entry, half of which goes to the performers. This summer, they are holding their “Concerts for Peace” series. Check their schedule HERE.

One of the unusual (and I think great) things about Elkhorn Gardens as a music venue is that you are not confined to one little spot from which to listen to the music. You are free to wander the gardens (staying on the trails), and best of all, you can hear the music from just about any point in the gardens, because the area forms a natural ampitheatre. Some parts of the garden have picnic tables so you can eat and listen to music.

The Juncos perform at Elkhorn Gardens. They were great! There was an audience of perhaps 20 or 30 people. Some sat on the grass, some sat at tables on the patio, and others wandered on the trails nearby, still listening to the music among the flowers.

Jim and Colleen have cleared areas and created the trails in the garden to follow natural pathways.

A garden in process. The Goffs are constantly busy cultivating flowers and creating new gardens in their acreage.

Elkhorn Gardens is open to the public during open hours. Come by in August when the dahlias are in bloom. I’m sure they’ll be spectacular.

A White Iris.

Check out their little shop where they sell tea, French soap, garden art, and snacks.

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