And now a word from the “Nomad”

I recently visited New Mexico– a place I’ve only visited once before. This time, I had a chance to sample real New Mexico food, and I have to say it’s pretty dang good and spicy. Chilis are everywhere in New Mexico: hanging from the pueblos, painted on restaurant walls and signs, and on things having nothing to do with food.

We had a little adventure, too, and visited the VLA or “Very Large Array” out in the high desert, west of the little artists’ town of Magdalena. The VLA is a series of 27 230-ton radio astronomy dishes set in a “Y” shape, and used to explore our solar system and the known limits of the universe. Pretty impressive.

The nearby little town of Magdalena is pretty impressive too. At only 6.2 sq. mi, with 913 people, the town boasts a dozen art galleries.

We took a chance and walked into a the Bear Mountain Cafe, ready for a quick retreat if necessary. To our surprise, there was a stage inside, and a band of about 6 people playing bluegrass music.

I had a popular dish in New Mexico, a Frito Pie. This one contained the required Fritos, lining the bottom of the bowl; it was covered with chili con carne, cheese, and topped with salad greens and tomatoes.

Michael had chicken enchiladas, which looked and tasted wonderful— although the dishes here were milder than what we had tasted in Albuquerque.

Bear Mountain has an incredible lineup of pies and cakes. I opted for the chocolate pecan pie, and I wasn’t disappointed.

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