Provence Bakery in Monterey

Just a note (as I sit here eating a chocolate topped coconut dessert that is fabulous) to all you Provence Bakery fans. If you don’t already know it, the D’Angio brothers are opening up a new Provence Bakery this July, which will be located at the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey. The Prunedale bakery will continue operating too. So keep an eye out for this new location.

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4 thoughts on “Provence Bakery in Monterey

  1. Thanks for alerting me to this bakery! I googled them and found an article that said they’d be opening on Alvarado St. Obviously that’s changed? In any case, very excited to check them out.

  2. You’re welcome Athena. yes, the location has changed from Alvarado to Del Monte Shopping Center. I also wrote an article about them for Patch. Best to go there before noon, as all their pastries for the day disappear very quickly! I highly recommend their chocolate ganache.

  3. Thanks Jean, I’ll share this with Deb. We’re excited to go (being the foodies that we are). Will checkout your article now!

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