Temporarily Meatless

Menu for a Hayes Valley eatery in SF

So here we are in San Francisco, on the first real test of our semi-vegetarian trial run (two days in). We are eating meat only twice a week, and the rest of the week going ovo-lacto vegetarian. So far it’s working pretty well. Today we had lunch at Woey Loy Goey’s basement restaurant on Jackson St. (memories of having lunch here with my dad when I was a kid), and we ordered vegetarian spring rolls, a braised tofu dish and a mixed vegetable dish. Good Cantonese food: mild flavors, fresh vegies, and NO SAUCE THICKENERS.

Right now, we’re at the Gallery Cafe on Mason St., next to the Powell-Mason trolley line. The Gallery has bitter Americano, decent tea, and an extremely so-so romantic soul music soundtrack. Nevertheless, having a great time. Ah. Finally, a song I like: Elvis Costello, singing “Allison.”

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5 thoughts on “Temporarily Meatless

  1. It’s been years since I’ve eaten at Woey Loy Goey. Glad to know it’s still there. I liked the roast pork. Crispy skin. drooooool. Almost like the stuff my dad used to make when he roasted freshly-butchered pig on a spit in our back yard. sigh.

  2. Su-sieee — are you Filipino by any chance?

  3. Hah! Thought so. 😉 The lechon gave it away. Me: dad’s from Mindanao, Mom’s from Zambales.

  4. Cool! 🙂

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