River House Books

Alright. Post-rant, I seem to have stumbled across a real independent bookstore in Monterey County: River House Books, at the Crossroads in Carmel. It doesn’t have a cafe, but it’s located right across from a very nice one, the Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company. River House seems to have a good selection of books, with a focus on humanities and the sciences. It’s a beautiful bookstore, spacious and clean, with that new-book smell that tells me it’s likely the real thing, unless they are administering some special book-scent spray to lure customers in. I didn’t have a chance to get a real good look at their selection, though. I’ll tell you more when I’m able to spend more time there.

Athena Plichta also pointed me to The Works, an indie bookstore in Pacific Grove, attached to a cafe. While it’s a nice little hangout, the bookstore itself has only a small selection of books.

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3 thoughts on “River House Books

  1. Hi Jean! I’m a neighbor (Strawberry Road) and have been checking in and enjoying your blog when I go on a blog stroll. I just thought I’d add that The Works has a great cafe! And, if you’re so inclined, they host some fun improvisational comedy from time to time (i.e. this Saturday…I’ll be there).

    As a side note, the rural co-working is of interest to me.


    • Pym

      P.S. Eileen — after the Exhibit opens in late April, early May — I’d be happy to talk more about this co-working thing….

  2. Pym

    Nice to meet you, Eileen — hey, you are just down the road from me! Interested in knowing more about your “Real Foods” class, and I think I’ve heard of Monterey Improv… Looking forward to seeing your “new” website.

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