Having a health crisis can really change one’s outlook on life. I seem to have come down with a case of Bell’s palsy. It may last for a few weeks, or possibly for months. This certainly puts things in a new perspective, and my real priorities are now becoming foregrounded and revalued. I can still write, type, eat, talk, move around. But I have to approach some of these activities differently. I recently read that George Clooney, Amy Goodman, and Pierce Brosnan have had Bell’s palsy — so, hey; I’m in good company.

I suspect I’ll probably be blogging more, and writing more, in general — although in smaller increments. We’ll see where this leads…

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3 thoughts on “Perspective

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  2. Agreed Jean…nothing like health surprise to make us re-evaluate our priorities. And yes, you certainly are in good company, and the individuals you mentioned with Bell’s palsy all recovered, and so will you. It did not stop you from going out to vote, pirate look and all!

  3. Thanks, Jane. Feeling better today, although looking the same. ;-( But the pain is gone around my ear and jaw, which helps a lot.

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