going whole hog

My urban friend Rona, also known as Brown Girl Going Green, has taken the big step of purchasing a (mostly) whole hog. Here’s a poem for Rona:

For a Brown Girl Going Green

kayumangging babae, the cogon
grass has turned to rye
and wild radish

on your birth day someone
sacrifices a pig
it’s not

the same, yet
it’s always
the same

Oakland, Elkhorn,
Pangasinan, each day

gleaned, killed, tasted; eating
flesh, stems, leaves

that this time we
will see

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2 thoughts on “going whole hog

  1. Thanks so much for the poem, Jean! I’m honored. Do you mind if I post it on my blog? I will definitely also link the post to your blog too. Maraming salamat!

  2. JV

    Please do, Rona! You’re welcome.

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